Company Profile:

Dhriti Raina Agro products Pvt Ltd was established in February 2019 with an aim to promote holistic healing with ayurvedic products. Our medicines stand out in the market as they have been prepared from pure essential oils and are completely free of artificially added chemicals, petro-chemicals, steroids, preservatives or any other harmful additives.

Ayurveda is considered to be one of the oldest medical sciences in the world with its roots tracing back to the vedic times. The basic tenets of Ayurveda are that it relies on a natural and holistic approach to healing. For over thousands of years Ayurveda was the principal medicine for the Indians. It is only in the past 300 odd years that the influence of western medicine pushed Ayurveda to the back burner. 

We at Dhriti Raina Agro, aim to bring back the benefits of this Vedic Science to the mainstream, by coming out with a range of Herbal Medicines that will help humanity with natural healing, free from harmful side effects of modern medicine.

Our range of products under the label Kayasidhhi were launched realising and catering to the holistic needs of the near and dear ones. Everything else is history. Today, Kayasiddhi is a passionate project serving the masses. Our products are for everyone, including you. 


At the heart of Dhriti Raina Agro lies the ever so fervent, selfless desire to provide pure herbal products that give salubrious healing to our consumers and in the process heal both the mind and body of all living beings. 


Our vision is to sensitize people towards nature and to encourage conservation and protection of our environment, so that mankind may continue to benefit from the abundant gifts the planet has to offer. We also aim to bring forth the benefits of natural healing and the vast medical knowledge our forefathers left for us in the form of Ayurveda.