Herbal Surface Disinfectant


Most of the commercial floor disinfectants contain a chemical called Benzalkonium Chloride, fumes of which are known to be a serious skin and eye irritant. The most vulnerable are toddlers and babies who are often immediately put on the floor to crawl. This is also dangerous for pets who may even end up licking the floor and taking in the harmful chemical.
This is where Kayasiddhi’s special concoction of Pure Essential Oils comes as an environmentally safe and healthy option. Our Herbal Surface Disinfectant not only kills 99.9% germs but also keeps insects away at just 1.5% dilution. Plus, its aroma keeps the atmosphere smelling fresh.


100 ML


Basil, Camphor, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lime Rind, Lemongrass and Pine essential oils

So Useful

  • Natural floor disinfectant which is safe for everyone
  •  Acts as a natural air purifier
  •  Leaves pleasant aroma behind
  •  Kills 99.9% germs
  •  Lab tested with 1% dilution in citronella hydrosol

How to Use

a. As a Floor Disinfectant Add 7.5 ml oil to 5 ltrs of water in the bucket and use this solution for cleansing and mopping purposes.

b. As an Insect Repellent Add 5 ml oil to 500 ml of water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well before use and spray over the kitchen dustbin to ensure it remains insect-free. This can also
be used daily to keep the bathroom free from insects and to remove bad odour.

c. As a Surface Disinfectant Add 5 ml oil to 500 ml of water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well before use and spray over any surface you want to disinfect. Wait for 60 seconds and then wipe the surface with a clean cloth


Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Keep away from children and sunlight. This concoction is not for internal consumption or topical application. Do not spray directly on electronic gadgets.


This is a herbal concoction that may be considered as a home remedy and does not carry any governmental approval. Therefore, users are advised to see what works best for them and refer to a medical practitioner in case of severe symptoms. Pure Essential Oils are potent and some people can be allergic to them. In case of any symptom of allergic reaction to the oil, please discontinue the usage immediately and consult a doctor


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