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Our DIY Skin Care combo pack of pure steam distilled essential oils and our very own one of its kind Skincare Oil is an excellent choice for those who are looking for chemical free options to take care of their ‘body n mind’.  We have made a pack of three essential oils which not only individually have great health benefits for our skin, but when used together form a great concoction which helps in fighting free radicals and resorting the skin health. Along with these three essential oils this Combo Pack also contains our unique Skincare Oil, which helps with most of the skin related issues ranging from Burns, Cuts and Wounds, Bacterial & Fungal infections such as (Ringworm, Skin necrosis, Athlete foot), Pilonidal sinus, Cracked heals, Haemorrhoids and even provides relief from Bee Stings.

Kayasiddhi Skin Care Oil: Every person who enters a kitchen on regular basis, suffers minor kitchen burns on and off. Mostly we bear through the pain and have a mark left behind to remind us of the incident. Sometimes if the burn is bad, we also have to suffer blisters and the pain and burning sensation that goes along with it. Our Unique Skin care oil provides immediately relief from the pain and burning sensation and normally doesn’t even leave a mark behind in case of normal kitchen burns. This wonderful product is a must have in every kitchen be it a domestic or commercial kitchen. But that is not all this is useful for, this wonder oil cures most of the skin related ailments, such as; Burns, Cuts and Wounds, Bacterial & Fungal infections such as (Ringworm, Skin necrosis, Athlete foot), Pilonidal sinus, Cracked heals, Haemorrhoids and even provides relief from Bee Stings.

Ingredients: Babchi, Chaulmogra, Caster, Cedrus Cedarwood, Lavender, Marigold, Peppermint and Turmeric Root oil mixed in Fractional distilled coconut oil.

Myrrh Essential Oil: Since time immemorial, Myrrh oil has been used by numerous civilizations during various religious practices; like for purification rituals during funerals, and as traditional medicine to reduce inflammation, treat hair fall, treat skin infections such as eczema and to promote wound healing. It no wonder that almost all religious text find mention of this wonderful gift of Nature.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil: Rose Geranium’s specific botanical name is Pelargonium graveolens var. roseum. Rose Geranium is one of the most preferred oils of the cometic industry on account of its scent, as it is reputed to emit the strongest, most superior notes of Rose, which contributes to its uplifting effect on the mood. It also has very soothing effects on the skin, and is thus used by naturalist in treating burns and other topical ailments, including reducing marks.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang essential oil is distilled from the flowers of the Ylang tree, which is native to the forests in islands of Java, Sumatra, Comoro and Philippines. Ylang Ylng along with Lavender has been one of the most commonly used oils in the Cosmetic and Perfume Industry for centuries. Apart from its wonderful aroma, Ylang Ylang essential oil offers numerous health benefits too; it helps in relaxation and calming the mind, it is also great for treating free radicals on the skin and managing hair fall and dandruff.

How to Use:

  • Kayasiddhi Skin Care Oil:
  1. Kitchen Burns: Pour cold water on affected area immediately and spray the concoction on the effected part of the body. Ideally within 10-15 seconds of the burn taking place. In case of a severe accident such as hot oil or hot water falling on the hands / body, spray the concoction every one minute until the pain and burning sensation subsides. Post that continue to apply the oil every two hours the first day and then three to four times a day from second day onwards until the wound heals completely.
  2. Sun Burns: Apply the concoction on the affect part of the body 3 to 4 times a day for relief. In case one wants the Tan to disappear then continue using the oil until it does, as the oil will aid in growth of new skin cells.
  3. All other skin issues mentioned under Indications: Apply the concoction on the affect part of the body two to three times a day for relief.

Caution: Avoid eyes and mouth. Keep away from sunlight and gas stove. Keep the cap tightly closed. Not for internal consumption.

  • Essential Oils

Take 50 ml of cold pressed Jajoba Oil or Almond oil and mix the following three essential oil in following proportions to create your own Herbal Skin Moisturizer which can be used as a part of daily night time routine.

  • Myrrh Oil: 1 ml
  • Rose Geranium Oil: 2 ml
  • Ylang Ylang Oil: 2 ml

Please Note 1 ml is appx 10-12 drops

Caution: Avoid eyes and mouth. Keep away from Children and Sunlight. Close the cap immediately after use. Do not apply without dilution. Not for internal consumption.

 Disclaimer: Pure Essential Oils are  potent and some people can be allergic to them. In case of any symptom of allergic reaction to the oil, please discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.


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